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General conditions of use

The purpose of this document is to establish the General Conditions of Use of the web page, which is the property of Valua Travel, S.L., (hereinafter, the OWNER) with Tax Identification Number B65903627 and domiciled at C / Muralla de Sant Llorenç, 37, 4th 1, Mataró, CP 08302 (Spain) and registered in the Mercantile Registry 1, Tom 43.454, Sheet 212, sheet B 430405.

To be able to use and register on the web page, the user must be over 14 years old or have the Authorization of parents and / or legal guardians. Property (Copyright and Intellectual Property)

The webpage is a work composed of several integrated and inseparable elements (text, illustrations, photographs, animated images, videos, computer programs, etc.), which Intellectual Property corresponds to the OWNER, except in the Reference to those materials obtained under the license of third parties.

The OWNER and its licensors always retain Intellectual Property on Valua Travel, S.L. on the different elements that comprise it, individually considered, in all copies that are made (whatever support they are incorporated), granting on them only the rights of use that are described later. Any right that is not expressly assigned shall be deemed reserved.

In addition to the foregoing, the OWNER is responsible for the selection, design of the structure and provision of the contents of Valua Travel, S.L., as well as who has taken the initiative and assumed the risk of making substantial investments aimed at the obtaining, digitalization and presentation of the same, corresponding to it, therefore, the protection that the Intellectual Property Law (LPI) can grant on the website, considered as a database.

The OWNER is also the only holder of the graphic design and image of the Valua Travel, S.L., reserving the actions that legally correspond to people who could make imitations or unfair uses.


Uses of the WEB Page

The User agrees to use this website and all its contents in accordance with the law, morality, public order and these Terms of Use, and the Specific Conditions that, which if applicable, apply to you. Likewise, it commits to make appropriate use of the services and / or contents of the application and not to use them to carry out illegal or constitutive acts of crime, which infringe the rights of third parties and / or that violate the regulation on Intellectual and industrial property, or any other norm of the applicable legal order. Particularly, the User agrees not to transmit, introduce, disseminate and make available to third parties, any type of material and information (contained data, messages, drawings, sound and image files, photographs, software, etc.) that be contrary to law, morality, public order.



They can make any complaint or claim through the email address or by postal address C / Muralla de Sant Llorenç 37, 4rt 1a, Mataró. 08302 (Barcelona). Spain.

If you want an official complaint form you can request it at our email address

To resolve any dispute, the Courts of the consumer’s domicile will be competent.


Data Protection

The personal information or data that you provide us about you will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy. By making use of the web page, you consent to the processing of this information and data and it is stated that all the information or data that you provide us are truthful and correspond to reality.


Privacy policy

Protection of personal data according to the RGPD

Valua Travel, S.L., in application of the regulations in force regarding the protection of personal data, informs that the personal data that is collected through the forms of the Website:, are included in the Specific automated files for users of the services of Valua Travel, S.L.

The collection and automated treatment of personal data has the purpose of the maintenance of the business relationship and the performance of information, training, consultancy and other activities related to Valua Travel, S.L.

These data will only be transferred to those entities that are necessary for the sole purpose of complying with the purpose previously exposed.

Valua Travel, S.L. adopt the necessary measures to guarantee the security, integrity and confidentiality of the data in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 April 2016, relative to the protection of Individuals regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement thereof.

The user may, at any time, exercise the rights of access, opposition, rectification, cancellation, limitation and portability recognized in the Regulation (EU) mentioned before. The exercise of these rights can be made by the user through sending an email to: or at the address: C / Muralla de Sant Llorenç, 37, 4ºart 1a., C.P. 08302 – Mataró (Barcelona).

The user states that all the information provided by him are true and correct, and agrees to keep them updated, communicating the changes to Valua Travel, S.L.


Purpose of the processing of personal data:

For what purpose will we treat your personal data?

At Valua Travel, S.L., we will treat your personal data requested through the website:, with the following purposes:

1.In case of contracting the goods and services offered through, to maintain the contractual relationship, as well as the management, administration, information, provision and improvement of the service.

2. Submission of information requested through the forms prepared at

3. Remit bulletins (newsletters), as well as commercial communications of promotions and / or advertising of and of the sector.

We remind you that you can oppose the sending of commercial communications by any means and at any time by sending an email to the address mentioned above.

The fields of these registries are of obligatory filling, being impossible to realize the expressed aims if these data are not provided.

How long are the personal data collected?

The personal data provided will be preserved while maintaining the commercial relationship or not requesting its deletion and during the term for which legal responsibilities may be derived for the services provided.



The treatment of your data is carried out with the following legal bases that legitimize the same:

  1. The request for information and / or the recruitment of the services of Valua Travel, S.L., the terms and conditions will be made available to you in any case, prior to a possible recruitment.
  2. Free, specific, informed and unequivocal consent, as we inform you by making this privacy policy available to you, which, after reading it, can be accepted by a declaration or a clear affirmative action, such as marking a box prepared for this purpose.

In the case that you do not provide us with your information or do it in a wrong or incomplete way, we will not be able to answer your request, which is impossible to provide the information requested or to carry out the contracting of the services.

To be able to use and register on the web page, the user must be over 14 years old or have the authorization of legal parents and / or guardians. The OWNER may contact the user at any moment to prove the actual age and, if applicable, prove to have the corresponding authorization of the parents and / or legal guardians, reason why the user must provide a copy of their official identity document for the purpose, as well as the rest of the documentation that may be necessary for verification by the OWNER; In case you do not do it or do not do it correctly, the OWNER may cancel the user from the web page.

These Terms of Use affect your legal rights and obligations. If you do not agree to comply with all the Terms of Service, do not access or use the Service.



The data will not be communicated to any third party other than Valua Travel, S.L., unless there is a legal obligation.

As in charge of treatment, we have contracted services with suppliers throughout Europe, having committed to comply with the regulations, applicable in the field of data protection, at the time of its hiring. If you require from the list of suppliers that operate with your data you may request via email with the title of the message “Provider Information”.

Data compiled by service users

In cases where the user includes files with personal data on the shared hosting servers, Valua Travel, S.L. is not responsible for the non-compliance by the user of the RGPD.

Retention of data in accordance with the LSSI

Valua Travel, S.L. informs that as a data hosting service provider and in accordance with the Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI), it retains for a maximum period of 12 months the information essential to identify the origin of the data hosted and the moment in which the service was started. The retention of these data does not affect the confidentiality of communications and can only be used in the framework of a criminal investigation or for the safeguarding of public safety by making it available to the judges and / or courts or the Ministry that it requires them.

The communication of data to the Security Forces of the State will be done in accordance with the provisions of the regulation on protection of personal data.


Intellectual Property Rights

Valua Travel, S.L. is the owner of all copyright, intellectual property, industrial, know-how and all other rights in relation to the contents of the website and the services offered therein, as well as the Programs necessary for its implementation and related information.

Reproduction, publication and / or non-strictly private use of the contents, total or partial, of the website without prior written consent is not permitted.


Intellectual property of the software

The user must respect the third-party programs made available to them by Valua Travel, S.L., although they are free and / or publicly available.

Valua Travel, S.L. has the necessary exploitation and intellectual property rights of the software.

The user does not acquire any right or license for the contracted service, the software necessary for the provision of the service, nor the technical information to monitor the service, except for the rights and licenses necessary to comply with the services contracted and solely during the duration of the same.

For any action that exceeds the fulfillment of the contract, the user needs written authorization from Valua Travel, S.L., and the user is prohibited from accessing, modifying, viewing the configuration, structure and files of the servers owned by Valua Travel, S.L., assuming the civil and criminal liability derived from any incident that could occur on the servers and security systems as a direct consequence of negligent or malicious action on their part.


Intellectual property of hosted content

The contrary use to the intellectual property legislation of services provided by Valua Travel, S.L. is prohibited, in particular:

  • The use that is contrary to Spanish law or that violates the rights of third parties.
  • The publication or transmission of any content that, in the opinion of Valua Travel, S.L., is violent, obscene, abusive, illegal, racial, xenophobic or defamatory.
  • Cracks, serial numbers of programs or any other content that violates the intellectual property rights of third parties.
  • The collection and / or use of personal data of other users without their express consent or in contravention of the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of 27 April 2016, relative to the Protection of natural persons regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement thereof.
  • The use of the mail server of the domain and the e-mail addresses for sending unwanted mass mail.


Protection of hosted information

Valua Travel, S.L. performs backup copies of the contents hosted on its servers, but it is not responsible for the loss or accidental deletion of data by users. Similarly, it does not guarantee the full replacement of data deleted by users, since the mentioned data could have been deleted and / or modified during the period that has elapsed since the last backup.

The services offered, except for the specific backup services, do not include replacing the contents preserved in the backup copies made by Valua Travel, S.L., when this loss is attributable to the user; In this case, a rate will be determined according to the complexity and volume of the recovery, always prior to the user’s acceptance.

The replacement of deleted data is only included in the price of the service when the loss of the content is due to causes attributable to Valua Travel, S.L.


Commercial communications

In application of the LSSI. Valua Travel, S.L. will not send advertising or promotional communications by electronic mail or other equivalent electronic means of communication that previously would not have been requested or expressly authorized by the recipients of the same.

In the case of users with whom there is a previous contractual relationship; Valua Travel, S.L. is authorized to send commercial communications referring to products or services of Valua Travel, S.L. like those initially hired with the client.

In any case, the user, after certifying their identity, may request that they not be made available more commercial information through the channels of Customer Service.