What moves us

Valua Attitude was born out of the need to add value to the organizers of sporting events.

Valua Attitude was born in 2018 with the aim of adding value to event organizers. seeks to complete the Offer that the organizers of sporting events offer to their customers, offering the possibility of “packing” the entrance to the race with accommodation (which Valua Attitude will organize).

Attitude is part of Valua Travel, a leading company in the group travel industry with over 15 years of experience in the travel services industry.

It defines us a constant search for the rigour in what we do, a focus that seeks to innovate in all processes to bring a differentiated added value to our customers and, finally, we deeply believe in the closeness as people who work for other people.

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Our Guarantees

These are some of our advantages that arise from the experience of having managed more than 50,000 passengers:

  • Compliance with the new data protection law.
  • Work with the main insurers at European level.
  • Contracting directly with suppliers, without intermediaries.
  • Online subscription of all our passengers.
  • 24h response-policy.
  • Customized budget for our client necessities.
  • During any contracted service, 24/7 assistance.

Our Values

Valua is a group of people before a company. A group of young professionals that gets together every day to deliver the best of themselves.

It has been this exciting journey of constant formation that has shown us that, without seeking it, we have grown on clear and solid values ​​that define us deeply.

The most amazing thing to discover has been that as a company and as a team, the values that define us our customers perceive them as well.


Using the latest generation of digital management tools that allow us to provide a premium service to our customers at all times. But above all in all those micro-processes that involve day-to-day management that define a philosophy of work and customer-oriented service.


We seek excellence in all the processes that link us to our customers: from an email, a call or the submission of a proposal. The spirit of overcoming and perfection in the services we offer is directed by our rigour.


It is a way of being, but it is a fundamental value in Valua: we are a team of happy people. We are passionate about what we do, and it is a priority for us to convey this happiness that allows us to be close and empathetic consultants.

The Superheroes of Valua

Our passion at the service of VALUA

Verónica Sánchez

Operational department

Anabel Mateos

Commercial department

Marc Abella

Valua Attitude Manager

Vanesa García

Administrative Constable

Lorena Font

Commercial Department / Official Guide

Beatriz Bosgos

Operational department

Francesc Palahí

Operational Department

Xavier Catà

Founding Partner. Product Manager

Gonçal Portas

Founding Partner. Director of Operations and IT

Pep Mas

Commercial and Expansion Director

Paola Baldino

Operations Department Director

Mireia Rivero

Operational Department