of all tourist services for your sporting event!

We manage all services beyond the competition.

We offer comprehensive management of all parallel services that derive from any sporting event: accommodation, airline tickets, destination transport, insurance or destination visits if you decide to extend your stay.

Valua Attitude seeks to complete the offer that the organizers of sporting events offer to their customers, offering the possibility to “package” the entrance to the race with accommodation and / or other tourist services.

Our Services

Added Value

The runner will need to look for accommodation. The fact that the organizer offers this service provides a very clear added value for the organizer.


The ease of being able to buy a “Race + Accommodation” package increases the broker’s perception of “ease” and can potentially increase sales.


Providing a package of services for the races means that runners spend more time in the area, increase their spending and are valued by institutional sponsors.


The client has a single interlocutor and a closer experience to the competition, which increases satisfaction and the likelihood of a repeat of the event.

Online shop

We offer an e-commerce specialized in the sale of sports trips, thus providing very valuable and interesting metrics for potential sponsors or collaborators.


Together with the organizer, plausible accommodation packages are established that include nights in advance, during and after the race.


Possibility to offer, during the same contracting process, the sale of specific sports cancellation insurance, as well as merchandising.

Own manage

The management of the staff itself, that of certain sponsors, and the pre-hiring of a high volume of services for the whole event, therefore, allows us to lower the costs of management.


At the time we offer accommodation and transportation, we are 100% compliant with current regulations requiring compliance with the legal framework for a combined trip.


The Valua Attitude community is one of the largest in Spain, bringing together the most important career organizers in the country and we have an extensive database.


Creating new products for our customers and runners: reconnaissance stages, specific training, re-scheduling of great race routes, etc.


At the request of the organizer, we can customize the race url within our ecommerce so that the brand and / or race image does not change.

Our partners

of sports organizers

Logistic Partner

+ 2,000 people in races around the world: Cape Epic, Swiss Epic, Titan Desert …

Acommodation partner

Official accommodation management agency for the 140.6INN triathlon race.

Logistic Partner

Official logistics services management agency for the Transpyr race.

Logistic Partner

Official agency for the management of logistics services for 4 cims.


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